Parents who turn to River View Christian Academy are usually exhausted from their teenager’s rebellion, promiscuity, drug abuse, anger or other self-destructive behaviors. They have tried counseling and have done all the right things as parents, but their child is still out of control and may be a danger to themselves.

River View Christian Academy was founded in 1993 to help such families from all over the United States by providing a bridge to a new way of thinking and maturity in their teenager.

Over the years our program has proven to help bring strength, healing and structure to teenagers who were previously at risk, and bring peace back to the entire family. Our beautiful campus is located in Northern California and our program is open to any family, regardless of religion, beliefs, or background.

If Your Child is Exhibiting Any of These Behaviors, They Could Be Helped at RVCA

  • Are they rebelling against authority?
  • Have their grades suddenly dropped?
  • Do you fear they may be dabbling in drugs or alcohol?
  • Do they seem to disdain the family?
  • Have they dumped good friends in favor of ones you wouldn’t consider to be good influences?
  • Have they withdrawn from healthy activities?
  • Do they have thoughts of death and fantasies of suicide?
  • Have they radically changed their appearance?
  • Are they spending too much time alone?
  • Are they sleeping excessively, or not enough?
  • Have their eating habits changed?
  • Is your teen obese or anorexic?
  • Do they have a problem with internet addiction, social media addiction, pornography addiction or video game addiction?
  • Do they demand excessive overnight stays with friends?
  • Have they been running away?
  • Are they obsessive about spending time with their friends?
  • Have valuables gone missing in your home?
  • Do they participate in high risk activities?
  • Do you fear for their safety…for their future?

If these questions have raised concerns for you as a parent, please call 1-800-494-2200 for a free evaluation that will help you determine the severity of your child’s current situation. If our program is not a good fit for your child, we also provide free referrals for other program that may better fit your needs.