Academics at RVCA

The education plan of RVCA is designed for capable middle and high school age students whose parents have determined that their child needs a more structured, unique, and caring environment, free from distractions to obtain a quality education.

River View Christian High School (RVCHS) is the name used on the transcripts and is also “doing business as” (DBA) River View Christian Academy (RVCA).

Fully Accredited

RVCA is a fully accredited Christian school generally for ages 12 through 17. We annually file a private school affidavit with the California Department of Education.

Individualized School Curriculum

RVCA is partnered with Ignitia, through Alpha Omega Publications. Each student is evaluated upon arrival to assess where they are placed within the curriculum. RVCA also offers credit recovery to students who transfer in behind where they should be in their grade level. This allows students to test out of portions of their classes to get back on track. Every student has their own computer station where they work on their individualized school program. The computers are used only for school work, no internet access outside of schoolwork is allowed. The staff is available to help the students with their work and to provide them with individual tutoring.

Year-Round Open Admission

RVCA has an open admissions policy, meaning a student can be enrolled at the school even if they are behind in their education. RVCA also practices rolling admissions, allowing students to start school at any point of the year. Also, with the year-round system that the school uses, the child has the continuous opportunity to experience success in their education.

College Courses

If a student completes their high school diploma while at RVCA, they can remain in the school by continuing college level correspondence courses. We also offer dual enrollment to Juniors and Seniors with a GPA of 2.7 or higher, allowing them to take college courses for high school and college credit.

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