• 12 to 17-year-olds (boys and girls)
  • Child has some parental or legal guardian involvement

Typical Behavioral Issues or Causes

  • Victimization/abuse
  • Adoption issues
  • A.D.D. or A.D.H.D
  • Struggling in school
  • Behavioral issues
  • Running away issues
  • Minor drug use (or admit after rehab)
  • Abandonment issues
  • Suffered trauma or loss
  • Alcohol abuse

Our Focus is Not on Teens With:

  • Serious medical issues
  • Any assault, arson or violent or sexual crimes
  • Actively suicidal (attention-getting behavior will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
  • A danger to themselves or others (5150 Health and Safety Code)
  • If the teen is currently addicted to any hard core drug (if a child has been through a detox program, they would be under consideration for acceptance at RVCA)

Case by Case Evaluation for Qualification:

  • Pregnant
  • Committed minor non-violent crimes (minor drugs, joy riding, curfew, shoplifting, truancy)
  • Gang involvement
  • Cult involvement
  • Cutting
  • Eating disorders
  • On clinical medication

The Admission Process

Requirements for admission:

The following is a list of items needed to move forward in the process. If parents need help with tuition, they should contact us for options available. Different payment options are available to those who can establish a valid hardship; all financial awards are subject to availability.

1. The parent talks to the Admission department and is asked a series of questions about the child. This is referred to as the student’s profile.

2. RVCA requires parents to call other programs similar to RVCA, a list of which will be provided for the parent. This is RVCA’s way of remaining ethical. This is a very vulnerable time for parents and RVCA wishes to assist them in doing the best thing for their child. RVCA would love to be of assistance to each family, but RVCA’s goal is to have the family feel a peace about the decision they make on behalf of their child. The families are more important to RVCA than filling up their program.

3. After RVCA reviews the profile, an appointment will be set up for a time for the parents to visit the school. The parents have the opportunity to interview current students and tour the campus. If the visit goes well and the parents are satisfied with the program, RVCA and the parents can then arrange an enrollment time.

4.  The parents tour the school and, if they decide to send their child to RVCA, they will receive a contract and parent handbook.

5. Parents are requested to read the materials before returning the signed documents.

6. RVCA realizes that sometimes parents may need to move quickly. RVCA can accommodate this. RVCA has admitted new students in as little as 4 hours. However, it usually takes approximately 48 hours for an admission process to take place.

California Boarding School Programs:

River Valley Christian Academy is the only Christian residential boarding school for struggling teens in California that we know of. Established in 1993, RVCA is one of the only programs that have remained strong in California with the support of county, state, and local authorities.

Financial Hardship programs:

RVCA has financial hardship programs for those who qualify. RVCA  requires the family to show a legitimate need. The applications are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case situation.

Financing options:

  • Cash pay
  • Credit card payment
  • Installments based on contracted amount
  • Student loans (contact us for a list of programs available)

Transportation to RVCA:

Ask us about transportation options for your child.

Teen Rescue knows this is a very difficult time for parents. The decision a parent makes at this time affects the direction of their child and family. Teen Rescue is committed to supporting the parents and helping them to make the correct decision on behalf of their child.

Please call us for more information regarding this process at  (800) 494-2200

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