Animal Husbandry and Care Facilitator

River View Christian Academy, a program of Teen Rescue, is seeking candidates for an Animal Husbandry position who would also work as a Resident Adviser. This person’s primary responsibility will be the care of the animals on campus and the oversight of the breeding programs. This position also includes being responsible for working with students on a daily basis. Including building positive relationships with students, giving them an understanding of God’s loving character and provide them with the hope, direction and skills needed to become healthy adults.

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide a high level of animal care and routine animal husbandry tasks, including breeding
  • Oversee the following:
    • Newfoundland dog breeding program
    • Bengal cat breeding program
  • Care of goats and other animals, as necessary
  • Schedule routine vet appointments
  • Take animals to vet for appointments and emergencies
  • Administer medication/treatment as needed
  • Maintain supplies
  • Place purchase order requests for necessary supplies
  • Train students on the care of the animals
  • Communicate with management on the care and well-being of animals
  • Help students work through issues related to drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, eating disorders, adoption and dysfunctional family dynamics
  • Help modify destructive behavior
  • Teach anger management, setting boundaries and skills to improve management of emotions
  • Provide one-on-one support in the classroom.
  • Tutoring and grading


RVCA is looking for applicants who are spiritually mature. Applicants must enjoy working with animals and have a heart for troubled teens. The ideal candidate is teachable and has great communication and interpersonal skills. Leadership skills and being able to provide strong guidance and direction to students, while maintaining a positive environment is a must. An ability to take initiative in regards to animal health and welfare and communicate needs and/or issues with management.

Education and Experience:

A high school diploma is required. Basic knowledge of animal husbandry and care is required. Completion of relevant college level coursework in animal science, biology, zoology or other related field and 2 years of hands-on, relevant work experience is preferred. Or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

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Please note: Our corporate office is in Southern California, however, this listing is for a position at our campus in Northern California, approximately 45 minutes from Redding. This position would require you to live on or near the campus. Optional, low cost room and boarding is provided, subject to availability, and is deducted in accordance with California laws.

Applicants who are conditionally offered a position are required to pass a DOJ Live Scan and TB test.