Mike and Tracy, Part 1: Deciding to Enroll


Mike and Tracy, Part 2: The Enrollment


Mike and Tracy, Part 3: How RVCA Has Helped



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Student Testimony #5

My experience [at RVCA] was a tough one. I faked it and didn’t want to change at first. I just wanted to get the program done with. It wasn’t until the very end of the program, when my grandma died that I realized I wanted to change. I wasted so much time being stubborn and not wanting to change that I never got a chance to say goodbye to my grandma. After that I realized that I didn’t want to go back to my old ways.  I wanted to start a new life and because of that I ended up getting out sooner than I thought. I am now currently enrolled in Culinary School with a job in a kitchen, living in a house with 4 other mates, and also making plans to transfer to the Culinary School in Seattle to continue on in my Culinary experience.


“[Our daughter] will be graduating with highest honors and has decided to go to Vanguard University in the fall. She is doing great, and we know we wouldn’t be celebrating her graduation if it weren’t for Teen Rescue! Thanks again for all you do!”
-Robert and Sarah

“We are humbly and eternally grateful for your guidance and wisdom. Thank you for weathering the storms with us and keeping a positive attitude. Through your exhaustive efforts lives are being changed, improved and saved. Many of God’s bountiful blessing this season.”

“Thank you so much for putting ‘wheels’ on your vision [for RVCA]. What a blessing to so many desperate people, parents, and kids (and grandparents).”
-William and Heather

“I wish I’d known about Teen Rescue years ago when our family was in crisis. No one took the time to explain my options to me, let alone show me how to get the kind of help we needed for our child. We were trying to do it on our own. Teen Rescue provided valuable help and was a much needed resource for our family.

“Thank you so much!”