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RVCA is Now Accepting New Students!

RVCA has ongoing open enrollment and can accept students at any time, even if they are behind. We are also closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and are continuing to employ measures to ensure the safety of our students.

River View Christian Academy is a private boarding school located near Austin, Texas. Our purpose is to provide a safe, structured, and supportive setting for our students.

We provide year-round schooling with ongoing open enrollment. You can enroll your child at any time during the year and we can help them get caught up if they are behind.

Many parents who turn to River View Christian Academy are exhausted from their teenager’s rebellion, promiscuity, drug abuse, anger or other self-destructive behaviors. These behaviors are often brought on by the lack of structure and personal attention in public and private day schools.

“Providing a bridge to a new way of thinking and maturity…”

Parents have often tried counseling and have done all the right things, but their child continues to head in a negative direction. As a result, they fear for their child’s future.

These concerning issues can often be alleviated simply by removing the student from the negative environment they are in and enrolling them in a school which provides 24-hour supervision as well as traditional structure and boundaries.

About RVCA

Students love our Canine Science program
Over the past 25 years our school has proven to help bring strength, healing and structure to teenagers who were previously at risk. Our purpose is to bring peace back to the entire family. Our school is open to any family, regardless of religion, beliefs, or background.

RVCA is a private residential school registered with the Department of Education. We are not a residential treatment center, therapeutic boarding school, or group home. We are a residential school that can be very helpful for students whose parents desire more support, structure, and boundaries than public or private day schools can provide.

RVCA does not provide licensed counseling or therapy. However, we make it as convenient as possible for parents to schedule appointments for their students with outside doctors, counselors, etc. At that point we will either provide transportation for the student to their appointment or a private space on campus for the appointment to take place.

RVCA is Open to All Students

Many families feel that their child is doing well and want them to continue in their positive direction. But Parents are often fearful of the negative influences and lack of traditional values that their child is currently receiving.

RVCA’s primary purpose is to provide education to students who have struggled to be successful in a private or public day school. We do not discriminate against any student who would be qualified for a public school. Our desire is to educate our students in all areas of life to prepare them for their future. We provide elective courses in Anger Management, Boundary Setting, Conflict Resolution, and other life skills to prepare them for a successful adulthood.

RVCA Removes the Distractions that Often Cause Students to Struggle

If your child is exhibiting any of these behaviors, or you are concerned about the negative influences of other students exhibiting these behaviors, RVCA can help remove these distractions and help your child to re-focus on their education…

  • Are they rebelling against authority?
  • Have their grades suddenly dropped?
  • Do you fear they may be dabbling in substances that are not appropriate?
  • Have they neglected good friends in favor of ones you wouldn’t consider to be good influences?
  • Have they withdrawn from healthy activities?
  • Are they spending too much time alone?
  • Have they radically changed their appearance?
  • Are they sleeping excessively, or not enough?
  • Do they seem to be obsessed with the internet, video games, or social media?
  • Do they demand excessive overnight stays with friends?
  • Have they been running away?
  • Are they obsessive about spending time with their friends?
  • Have valuables gone missing in your home?
  • Do they participate in high risk activities?
  • Do you fear for their safety…for their future?

If these questions have raised concerns for you as a parent, please call 1-800-494-2200 for a free consultation. Our consultation will help you determine whether RVCA can be a good fit for your child. If our boarding school is not a good fit for your child, we can also help you find another school or program that may better fit your needs.

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