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Teen Rescue, Inc. was founded as a nonprofit in 1989 and is dedicated to helping families and their teenagers. In addition to having a private boarding school, Teen Rescue also provides a free referral service for those who may not be a good fit for our program.

“RVCA is a fully accredited, private Christian residential school.”

After operating as exclusively a referral service, in 1993 Teen Rescue opened our own fully accredited, private Christian residential school. River View Christian Academy is located in Northern California and is designed for struggling teenagers in need of full-time supervision and redirection. We are the only Christian boarding school in California dedicated to working with teenagers who are having behavioral issues.

We restore teens to a healthy outlook on life through loving redirection, teaching life skills and building character through integrity, boundaries, and self control.

We serve all families, regardless of religion, beliefs, or background. Although RVCA is a Christian organization, students and parents are not required or pressured to participate in spiritual activities.

“Students have the opportunity to catch up in school if they are behind.”

We provide a high staff-to-student ratio with an individualized curriculum and program for each student. Due to our year-round educational system, students have the opportunity to catch up in school if they are behind.

Another unique and important aspect of RVCA is family involvement. We provide monthly parent training and support meetings as well as an eight month Post Graduate Home Support program.

If you have questions or would like more information about Teen Rescue and River View Christian Academy, please fill out our Consultation Form or Contact Us: 1-800-494-2200


Our purpose is to help you find the best option for you and your family. If we cannot help you directly, we will do our best to find you the best possible solution.

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Payment options are available for those who have a need and are qualified for assistance. Please contact us if this is your situation.

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