Facts about RVCA

  • RVCA was founded as a nonprofit in 1993
  • Fully accredited, private Christian residential school
  • Located in Northern California
  • Designed for struggling teenagers in need of full-time supervision and redirection
  • The only Christian school in California dealing with teenagers with behavioral issues
  • RVCA accepts students (boys and girls) ages 12 to 17
  • We restore teens to a healthy outlook on life through loving and firm guidance; to teach life skills; and to build character
  • Open to any family regardless of race or religion
  • RVCA  is a Christian organization, but students and parents are not required or pressured to participate in spiritual activities.
  • Individualized curriculum for each student
  • High staff-to-student ratio
  • We provide different payment options for those who need and qualify for it. Please contact us if this is your situation
  • We provide parent training and support meetings and Post Graduate Home Support.

RVCA is Now Accepting New Students!

RVCA has ongoing open enrollment and can accept students at any time, even if they are behind. We are also closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and are continuing to employ measures to ensure the safety of our students.

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