Post Graduate Home Support

Post Graduate Home Support (PGHS) is designed to provide parents of River View Christian Academy with continuing assistance in the transition of their student back home.

“Continuing assistance in the transition of your student back home.”

The return home of your child who has lived in a very structured environment is a critical time. PGHS was developed in order to make this transition as effective as possible. Therefore, it is critical that parents participate. You will look back and be amazed at the difference if you are 100% committed to PGHS. However, if you withdraw your child from RVCA too early, your child will not qualify for PGHS.

At-home level supervision is an important aspect of PGHS. Every two weeks a progress report is sent to River View Christian Academy for evaluation and discussion with the parents.

“Post Graduate Support provides support, accountability, and guidance.”

The PGHS will provide support, accountability, and guidance to the PGHS students and their families through regular contact and bi-weekly phone calls.

There are various forms and checklists that will be completed by the parents and the student while the student approaches the completion of the on-campus portion of their education and while he/she progresses through PGHS. These forms help the student and parents plan and prepare for the student’s return home, and will also help the student adjust back to the home environment once he/she does return home. PGHS lasts 6 months.

Through Post Graduate Home Support, RVCA will provide the following:

  • The parents have weekly contact with the PGHS director for the first three months.
  • Parents and students will also be able to call the PGHS director at any time during office hours.
  • The PGHS director will review the evaluation sheets filled out by the parents.
  • The parents will have discussions with the PGHS director concerning the progress and status of the student.
  • The PGHS director will help integrate the students into youth groups and church activities (if the parents approve and the student desires a Christian environment).
  • The PGHS director will notify the students and parents of upcoming events in which the student can participate.


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