Why RVCA is Unique

One of the reasons for our success at RVCA is the high level of staff involvement. Boys Residential SchoolThe staff does not work with the students for an eight hour shift and then go home. Rather, they live with the students, eat with them, participate in PE with them, tutor them, and take part in all the other student activities. This constant interaction between the staff and the students allows the staff members to quickly develop a deep relationship with the students. It is because of these close relationships that trust is built very quickly between the students and the staff. The staff can then effectively show the students the ways in which they need to change.

The amount of parental involvement is another unique aspect of our program. Parents are asked to attend periodic parent training and support meetings.

Parental involvement is a critical aspect of RVCA

The parents also attend a parent support group each time they visit their child at the RVCA campus. The parents’ investment in the program encourages their child to be invested in the program as well. The more involved the parents are, the higher the chances are for the child’s success.

We also take the approach of teaching the students to make the right choices on their own rather than telling them or pressuring them to act a certain way.Girls Residential School In the 24 years since Teen Rescue was established, we have found that the students who are most successful are the ones who have made the choice for themselves to change the destructive behaviors that originally brought them to RVCA. In order to encourage this mentality, we have structured the program in such a way that enables us to teach the student to take ownership of his or her own decisions. This encourages a healthy and independent mentality that will stay with the students after they have completed their time at RVCA rather than enabling a dependency on others.

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