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River View Christian Academy

River View Christian Academy is a fully accredited, private Christian boarding school. We provide a safe, structured environment specifically designed to help teens who are having behavioral issues at home or school. Our purpose is to remove distractions and help students to refocus on their education. Our desire is for all our students to meet the potential they are capable of reaching. Compare the cost and you will find our boarding school is far less expensive than most residential behavior programs or boot camps.

The beautiful RVCA Christian boarding school campus is located outside of Austin, Texas. The Christian staff and educators are trained to provide firm but loving intervention, education, and life skills training. Our staff also provide 24/7 care, mentoring and oversight for the students.

Why Choose River View Christian Academy?

Parents who turn to our Christian boarding school are usually exhausted from their teenager’s behavior. Many teens struggle with issues such as rebellion, promiscuity, drug abuse, anger or other self-destructive behaviors. Parents have tried counseling and have done all the right things as parents. But their child is still out of control and may be a danger to themself.

“Bring peace back to the entire family.”

River View Christian Academy was created to help such families. RVCA helps by providing a bridge to a new way of thinking and maturity in teenagers. Over the years we have proven to help bring strength, healing, and structure to teenagers who were previously at risk. And bring peace back to the entire family.

Involvement and Support of RVCA

A strength of our Christian boarding school is how involved parents are kept in the process. We will communicate with parents regularly throughout their child’s stay and encourage their involvement. Another strength is the Post Graduate Home Support — a 6-month program after students have returned home from RVCA. This helps the student transition back into the home while encouraging them to maintain the good habits and positive thinking that they developed here.

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