Healthy Living for the Holidays

Healthy Living

As we are in the midst of the holidays we are yet again forced to choose between making healthy choices or indulging in that delicious piece of cake or apple pie. What is it going to be? Is my body going to love me now or hate me later? Am I really talking about pie or life? Well both. Healthy living isn’t just about having a healthy diet (although that’s important too!), but is about having healthy relationships as well. Whether or not we want to hear it, we have the power to choose between healthy living and everything else.

Each student that walks through the doors of River View Christian Academy has the choice to change from the ways that are self-destructive to those that are life-giving. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to set boundaries, deal with anger and kick that social media addiction.

Our students are given a chance, an opportunity to choose a lifestyle of healthy living. Healthy Living is a choice just like it says in Deut 30:19:

“…I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”Deut 30:19
What a powerful verse. Each staff member is providing a way for every family as well as every boy and girl in the school to choose life and blessings.

What are Our Priorities?

We asked the students instead of what they want for Christmas, what is it that they want to do with their lives. This question provides the opportunity to focus not on what can I get but what are the things I want to accomplish in life. Here are some of their responses:

  • I want to help teenagers and be married
  • To accomplish my goals in life for nursing and care for drug abusers and traveling the world and helping in third world countries
  • I want to be able to help other people that need it the most
  • I want to go to college
  • To be a mom and a wife and open a program for prostitutes
  • I want to do Mission work
  • To travel everywhere and meet people from different cultures
  • I want to marry Odell Beckham Jr. and have a family
  • Happiness forever
  • I want a family of my own and I also want to help others

Some of their response make us smile, others humble us, and yet each of them makes us think about the goals and dreams that we have. How would you respond to this question? Are you choosing those things that will bring about healthy living, especially over the holidays?

Re-Prioritizing to Live Healthier

Maybe we should consider setting aside the idealized dream of how everything “should” be over the holidays. Instead, let’s make room for the things that help us and our families flourish. That isn’t to say that we cannot enjoy the holidays and everything that comes with them. But it is important to prioritize what will ultimately be best for ourselves and our families.
Unlike our students at RVCA, who have been given the opportunity to step away from their day-to-day lives and into a structured setting to learn healthy living skills, most of us will need to be intentional about it.

This is a perfect time of eyar to focus on having healthy relationships. Instead of allowing ourselves to be distracted by the holidays, let’s use this as a time to restore any broken or damaged relationships. We can start by doing some very simple things like reaching out those we may have wronged. Or by not reacting out of emotion or anger toward those who have wronged us. Instead, we should try to focus on forgiving, setting boundaries for them and moving forward. These things can help give room for the start of rebuilding these relationships.

So are you going to indulge in that extra piece of apple pie or maybe try to live a little healthier?