Lives are Being Changed at RVCA – Help us Continue!

This holiday season comes at a critical time. Not only for Teen Rescue and River View Christian Academy, but for the future of religious education in California.

The State Lost the First Battle…

As you may already know, this year started out with the State serving an inspection warrant on our campus based on some pretty outrageous claims about our school.

Most recently, the State filed a motion for a preliminary injunction. If successful, this injunction would have suspended our school until the conclusion of the case. Essentially, the State was attempting to win the case before it even went to trial.

Thankfully, the judge denied the State’s motion. And as important as this win was for RVCA, even more important was the reason the judge gave for her denial.

The judge stated that she was concerned about the potential impact the State’s demands would have on our First Amendment rights. To be licensed by the State as a community care facility, which is what the State is alleging we are, would require us to abide by regulations that are contrary to our Christian convictions.
(If you would like more details about the specifics of the case, please visit our website:

The Pacific Justice Institute has been invaluable in taking up our defence in this case. They agree that this has turned into a critical case for the Christian Community. Our attorney, Kevin Snider, put it this way:

[It] is about more than just the future of this ministry, its school, its teachers, students and parents. It is about the future of private religious education in this State. And whether the courts will continue to uphold fundamental First Amendment values such as free exercise, freedom to speak without content- or viewpoint-based restrictions, freedom from compelled speech, the right to choose a private religious education, and separation of church and state.

…Help us Win the War!

In this season of giving, we ask for your support. Please help us to not only keep ministering to students and their families, but to continue fighting this case that is critical to the rights and freedoms of Christians in California.

Anything that you can give will be a blessing and is greatly appreciated. Whether or not you are able to give, we ask that you keep Teen Rescue in your prayers and encourage you to spread the word and share this message with others.