Transportation Services

  • Teen Adolescent Placement Services (TAPS)
    TAPS Family Services was begun as a parent support group in Oceanside, CA in 1994 by Tony and Maryann Pallotto, and became a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation in August 1996.
    TAPS Family Services began out of extreme hardship. Tony and Maryann are parents of three sons, two of whom were addicted to drugs and alcohol. It was through these hardships that Tony and Maryann dedicated their lives to this work. TAPS knows the pain of dealing with troubled and out-of-control teens. Their son, Mark, died from a heroin overdose. TAPS stands ready to serve all families of troubled and out-of-control loved ones.

Intervention Services

  • Universal Crisis Intervention (U.C.I.) Extreme Intervention
    Universal Crisis Intervention (U.C.I.) Extreme Intervention will meet the urgent needs of any family, loved one, co-worker, or friend through therapeutic intervention, treatment consultation and rehabilitation referral. U.C.I. provides services to an incredibly wide spectrum of locations from San Francisco to Seattle, from New York to Miami and everywhere in-between. Based on your individual level of urgency, U.C.I can be ready to assist you in a matter of days.

Human Trafficking Support Services

  • New Day for Children
    New Day for Children is a faith based 501(c)(3) charity which provides restorative services for sex trafficked American children. New Day also provides state of the art psychological services, including horse therapy, for both the children and their parents/guardians. New Day also provides financial support for medical care of the girls and helps meet special needs that arise from time to time.
  • Forever Found
    Forever Found exists to support the rescue and restoration of child trafficking victims. This is done through Forever Found’s child sponsorship programs. Forever Found has partnered with five aftercare homes around the world and their goal is to get every rescued child in these homes loving sponsors. These monthly sponsorship donations go not only towards the basic needs of each child, but encourage them immensely and free up funding to rescue more children!

Shelter, Rehab, and Family Services

  • Cityteam
    Cityteam is a nondenominational Christian nonprofit compassionately serving the poor, the homeless, and the lost in San Jose, Chester, San Francisco, Oakland, and Portland.


Based on our knowledge and experience, the above organizations are reputable and trustworthy. However, due to the potential for structural/managerial changes in any organization, Teen Rescue, Inc. strongly encourages you to do your own due diligence in researching the organizations listed on this page before working with them. Teen Rescue, Inc. is not responsible for these or any other outside agencies.