RVCA Online School

RVCA Online SchoolingCovid-19 has caused many families to rethink their child’s academic experience. At RVCA Online we pride ourselves with having years of experience in delivering an amazing, student-paced, online academic experience tailored to your student.

We also include many aspects of our residential boarding school into RVCA Online, such as optional courses on relationship skills, communication skills, job interview training, time management, and other life skills that are often overlooked or neglected in traditional schools.


Some of the Benefits of RVCA Online

  • An internationally recognized accredited curriculum with Cognia
  • Student-paced 6-12th grade experience
    • Allows students to get caught up if they are behind
    • Students have the opportunity to get ahead
  • Hands on academic advisors
  • Weekly student accountability
  • An optional faith-based course of study
  • Dual Enrollment with Northwestern University for qualifying Juniors and Seniors
  • Completely on-line
  • Affordable tuition
RVCA Online Course Outline
9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th GradeElectives
  • Algebra I/ Pre-Algebra
  • English 9
  • World History/ Geography
  • Earth Science
  • PE I
  • Health
  • Geometry/ Algebra I
  • English 10
  • World Geography/History
  • Biology
  • PE II
  • Foreign Language I
  • Home Economics
  • Trigonometry/ Algebra II/ Pre-Calc
  • English 11/ English Literature
  • American History
  • Chemistry/ Physics
  • Foreign Language II
  • College Prep
  • Business Math/ Trigonometry/ Algebra II/ Pre-Calc
  • Chemistry/ Physics (optional if 3 years are completed)
  • English 12/ American Literature
  • Foreign Language III (optional if 2 years completed)
  • Career elective
Electives Under Christian Curriculum Structure

  • Christian Living
  • Old Testament Literature
  • New Testament Literature

Leadership Electives package

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Developing Healthy Boundaries
  • Anger Management
  • Forgiveness

DISCLAIMER: RVCA Online is open open to all students regardless of faith or religion. Christian electives are not required. However, even in the core classes there is some Christian language used in the curriculum.

We’re excited about the opportunity to be a part of your student’s academic journey!

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