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Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are talked about constantly within the counseling community as well as self-help books. So what are boundaries and why are they important? What do they look like in a family setting? What are Boundaries? Personal Boundaries can be defined as: This definition can be expanded from an individual case to a family setting. For the family it would be… Read more →

Dangers of Social Media

Dangers of Social Media

Social Media is something relatively new in the whole scheme of things. Can you believe it was only fifteen years ago when MySpace hit the scene followed closely behind by Facebook? Now, we can’t imagine life without apps, tablets, the latest and greatest iPhone. The fascination with devices starts at a very young age. How many times have you been… Read more →

3 Keys to Forgiveness

Please join us as we begin our journey with the topic of forgiveness. We start the process by recognizing pain and realizing what true forgiveness is. I’m sure we all have plenty of examples where someone has done something to hurt, offend, or stab us in the back. Sometimes we’ve had something to do with it, but other times it… Read more →