Below are just a few of the RVCA reviews and testimonies we have received over the years from both students and parents.

Kris, Part 1: Positive Role Models
Kris, Part 2: Student Progress
Kris, Part 3: Student Success  

Mike and Tracy, Part 1: Deciding to Enroll
Mike and Tracy, Part 2: The Enrollment
Mike and Tracy, Part 3: How RVCA Has Helped


Student Testimony #1

Student Testimony #2

Student Testimony #3

Student Testimony #4


Donya's Testimony

“We can never thank all of you for giving us our daughter back!! Life is SO GOOD AND I’M PRAYING IT’s only going to get better & better!! I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate and am thankful for each one of you!! You all are our God given blessings!! You & God saved her from herself and such a self destructive and angry mindset. When she came to RVCA SHE HAD ZERO FAITH!! Literally stopped believing in God as you already know. Her renewed faith and salvation is all because of you, RVCA, & allowing yourselves to be used by our heavenly Father!! You are all vessels and conduits of His love, thank you!! There is no amount of money that can pay for that!! Her salvation and faith is worth more than anything to her dad and I. We can never thank you enough for giving us back our beautiful amazing [daughter]!! We will forever have a place for RVCA AND YOUR STAFF AND STUDENTS IN OUR HEARTS. PARTS OF US WILL FEEL A LOSS WITHOUT OUR VISITS BUT GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOUR SACRIFICE & DEDICATION FOR OUR DAUGHTER & ALL THE STUDENTS UNDER YOUR CARE. WE CAN NEVER SAY ENOUGH AND WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL!! We love you all so so much!!”

Robert and Sarah's Testimony

“[Our daughter] will be graduating with highest honors and has decided to go to Vanguard University in the fall. She is doing great, and we know we wouldn’t be celebrating her graduation if it weren’t for Teen Rescue! Thanks again for all you do!”
-Robert and Sarah

Ken's Testimony

“We are humbly and eternally grateful for your guidance and wisdom. Thank you for weathering the storms with us and keeping a positive attitude. Through your exhaustive efforts lives are being changed, improved and saved. Many of God’s bountiful blessing this season.”

William and Heather's Testimony

“Thank you so much for putting ‘wheels’ on your vision [for RVCA]. What a blessing to so many desperate people, parents, and kids (and grandparents).”
-William and Heather

Cindy's Testimony

“I wish I’d known about Teen Rescue years ago when our family was in crisis. No one took the time to explain my options to me, let alone show me how to get the kind of help we needed for our child. We were trying to do it on our own. Teen Rescue provided valuable help and was a much needed resource for our family. Thank you so much!”


    review rating 5  We have had the honor of visiting RVCA and ministering to the kids there. We had a member of our church who actually enrolled her daughter in the academy and the change we saw in her was phenomenal. We were able to see how the staff cared for, provided for and taught the young adults. The atmosphere is so peaceful and tranquil and the kids seem to absolutely love it. Can’t wait to go back and hang out with everyone again.

    thumb Regenr8 Church

    review rating 5  I am so sorry to hear what happened to your school! Praying psalm 35 for you!

    thumb Cor Neg

    review rating 5  The Best! Such a loving place. My family brought us here from Iraq to get away from war then my dad sent me to RVCA to help with our relationship and finish high school. I learned so much more and been blessed with the friends I met there. The best school in the world!

    thumb abdulla al sudany

    review rating 5  It was nothing but a wake up call for me. Whether I ended up showing it or not I am and was so grateful for being able to be in a school such a this one. This place changed the way a looked at my life in the most positive way ever. I wish I had made better choices while in the program so I could have stayed longer. Some girls don’t want to admit it but I for one needed this place to help me come to certain realities in life. This place helped me over come a lot of inner battles I was facing at the time with their amazing staff. I will forever support RVCA , this place is a complete blessing ! A second chance at bettering yourself !

    thumb Cassandra Swisher

    review rating 5  This school will change your teens life . I researched just about every residential school for teens in the United states(and Mexico). The staff here is genuine and what they do here WORKS! I have a daughter here currently who has been here 3 months so far. I could show you a photo of her before she came and a photo I took of her recently on parent visit day and they don’t look like the same girl! She has gone from depressed and hopeless and sad and dropping out of school to cheerful hopeful and excited to be catching up on school and a whole new vision for life. Not to mention new found character and wisdom from the mentoring she recieves on a daily basis just being around the staff as they go through their day and their routines . Only regret I have is I didn’t send her sooner. I was afraid to let go and afraid of reviews from disgruntled past students who were bitter and wouldn’t allow this wonderful school to help them. If any parent or person would like to ask questions about my experience here Please contact me. Also I can show you a video my daughter made last parent day of her giving a virtual tour of the school. She said it might help other teens to see “how cool it is “. Her words. Not exactly the words she used when I told her she was going here the first day, but this place changes hearts and lives. 700mamabear@gmail.com. Kathy.

    thumb Kathi Sw

    review rating 5  I did not know where to turn for an educational and social option for my daughter. I searched all over the U.S. for a school. Either they were too expensive, could not accommodate a gluten free diet, or religious philosophies were too rigid. River View was the farthest away from us in Louisiana, but, the school worked with us and was so eager to help me with my daughter. The eagerness continued after "the sale". They have taken such good care of her. They unplugged her from reality TV, social media, and poor friendships. The school slowly motivated her to work on herself. NO regrets. She just came home for a home visit; it was wonderful. I can't wait for her to come home permanently. I strongly recommend this program for a troubled teen.

    thumb Richard Young

    review rating 5  What an amazing school! I can’t say enough good about RVCA and their commitment to our kids at the most basic level. RVCA teaches kids how to live, not just learn. This school was just what my daughter needed after going through some major challenges at home and at school as a young teenager. She recently graduated 9th grade at RVCA and is going to start 10th grade at a public school this fall. Before she went to RVCA, she was unable to complete even one day at a public middle school due to anxiety and depression. The staff at RVCA provided structure, boundaries, and unconditional love to my daughter and helped her regain her confidence through life-skills and behavioral training. They also helped her develop a strong sense of self and independence that culminated in a leadership program that taught her how to take responsibility. She’s a new, more mature young lady now and I’m confident she will excel through the rest of high school, college, and adulthood and I have RVCA to thank for it. God Bless RVCA!

    thumb kkraiger1

    review rating 5  My son has been at RVCA for 14 months. It was a very difficult decision to place him, but my husband and I are so grateful that we did. From the moment that we met with the director, Blaize, and toured the campus, we felt very much at peace that this was the right place for our son. The program is very structured and comprehensive, with a great deal of parent involvement. The focus is on repairing and building the relationship with our son. RVCA does all the "parenting" and "disciplining" for the first half of the program so that we are free to just love on, encourage, and enjoy being with our son during the monthly visits. In the meantime, the caring staff are helping the boys deal with their issues as well as holding them accountable to following the program rules at all times. There is a great deal of support from the staff as well as mutual parent support which helped my husband and me tremendously, especially in the first few months of our son's placement. The boys attend school 5 days a week all year round. My son was academically behind and has learning issues, so it's taken him awhile to get going, but RVCA recently switched to a new school program which is more flexible and accommodating to my son's learning issues. My son is learning to respect authority, dealing with his anger issues, growing closer to God, and expressing gratitude towards us, his parents. Although this progress did not come quickly or easily, we have seen growth and progress in our son, and are hopeful about his future, thanks to RVCA.

    thumb Ann Manz

    review rating 5  I'm fairly new to RVCA, but so far it has been a Godsend for us. It is an absolutely beautiful place, the staff is kind and loving, and they have a well thought out and successful set of steps the kids and parents go through to achieve success. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat. Parenting is tough - really tough, and we could all use some help from time to time. Thank you!!

    thumb Sharon Wood

    review rating 5  RVCA has such a special place in my heart! As a teenager, I was miserable and found any escape from reality which resorted to a destructive lifestyle and caused much harm. During my time at the school I didn’t understand why I needed to be there. After months of self reflection and counciling from the incredible staff I went back into the “real world” and applied most of the life skills I learned from Teen Rescue. I wouldn’t be where I am today or who I am if it wasn’t for this once in a lifetime experience to get my life on the right track. Yes, there has been ups and downs but that’s life. One thing I will always know in my heart is right from wrong. This past summer I returned to RVCA as an intern and I got to experience the other side of things. It was amazing to see how much love, support, prayer, dedication, and selflessness the staff has. It was an honor to be apart of the community and give back as a way of saying “thanks” for being there for me and helping shape me into who I am today. If anyone has any questions or concerns about Teen Resuce I would be more than happy to answer and talk about my experience.

    thumb Lauren Kessler

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