If you are a parent whose child is struggling and going down the wrong path, you may not know where you can turn for help. You may be afraid for your teen’s safety and future due to their behavior and poor decision making.

If you have looked for help for your child, you may have looked into boot camps or wilderness programs, and have probably found that there are very few, if any, available; especially in California.

Boot Camp and Wilderness Program AlternativeRiver View Christian Academy is the only school in California, and one of the few in the country, that is dedicated to working with troubled teens as an alternative to wilderness programs and boot camps.

“An alternative to boot camps and wilderness programs.”

RVCA is licensed as a private Christian Boarding school and our goal is to redirect struggling teenagers through the teaching of life skills, boundary setting and leadership abilities.

Another unique aspect of Teen Rescue’s River View Christian Academy is that although we accept both male and female students, the boys and girls are kept completely separate from each other.

“The boys and Girls are kept completely separate.”

We believe that having opposite gender students together only serves as a distraction. By keeping the girls and boys separate, the students are better able to stay focused on their own self improvement.

RVCA is also distinct in the way that we measure a student’s success. Many shorter term programs measures a student’s success based on how the student is doing at the end of the program. However, we instead focus on how long a student is able to maintain doing well in our school.

For most students, short term programs do not give them enough time to fully break bad habits or truly lock in new good habits. Once they return back home, many will fall back into the same struggles they had previously. Even students who truly wanted to be successful will have a hard time continuing that success, as they just did not have enough time to create a solid foundation.

The average length of stay at River View Christian Academy is 18 months.Private Christian Boarding School In addition to working on their schooling, and getting caught up if they are behind, students will progress through our level system as they do well in the program. Higher levels will grant more privileges for the student, which gives them the motivation to progress further. However, higher levels will also include more responsibilities, which will help them to improve in the areas of their lives where they have been struggling.

As students near the last few months of the program they will begin preparing for the final leadership levels. These are some of the most important levels of the program as they include even more responsibilities. Unlike previous levels that are earned through a point system, leadership levels require students to interview with staff in order to advance. One of the reasons for the interview process is to teach students the life skill of how they should conduct themselves in job interviews in the future. However, the primary purpose is to challenge the students to evaluate themselves and why they believe they are ready to move forward.

“Our goal that students will have made the choice for themselves to continue down the positive path that they have started.”

This self-reflection is critical, not only for students to recognize the behaviors that they need to change, but also for students to make their own decision to change them.

Our goal is that by the time students return home they will have learned practical life and leadership skills as well as created a solid foundation for their success. It is also our goal that students will have made the choice for themselves to continue down the positive path that they have started. We have found that many students take a great deal of pride in the progress that they make, and this pride gives them the encouragement and strength that they need to resist falling back into their old behaviors and continue with the positive lifestyle that they have started while enrolled in River View Christian Academy.

If you have questions or would like more information about Teen Rescue and River View Christian Academy, please Contact Us: 1-800-494-2200


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